Prater Digital Foyer

The Digital Foyer is the first room that all visitors of the Prater Digital enter. It is a room in which visitors are welcomed and can orientate themselves. From here they then enter the performance room or the gallery room. On the walls and on the tables, the programmer and artist Berrak Nil Boya has collected motifs from the Prater’s diverse history. The room is intended to reflect the concrete cultural venue of the Prater and it should also invite non-digital-affine people to exchange ideas, as workshops, readings and discussion events will also take place here.


Panel discussion #4 Entanglements of Social, Environmental and Climate Justice

6 - 8 pm

Departing from Ayọ̀ Akínwándé’s video performance Ogoni Cleanup, on view in the exhibition Fossil Experience, this panel will examine Shell’s responsibility in the Niger Delta. Expanding the frame, the panel will discuss decolonial perspectives on climate and environmental justice. How to redress the traumata of centuries of colonial and corporate exploitation, which has reached genocidal and ecocidal proportions?


Panel discussion #2 “Does this seem like a desert to you?”

7 - 9 pm

Tesla is a profit-oriented player that self-styles as being, in its own words, “driven by sustainability”. Yet here, the third largest car assembly factory in Europe seems set to threaten the water quality – and water supply – for a major metropolis in favour of producing luxury cars. How will this affect the region’s ability to adapt to the ongoing rise in temperatures due to climate change?