Prater Digital tries to find answers: how does a cultural venue rich in history work in the digital space? What digital cultural techniques can visual and performing arts work really well online? Which accesses can be made possible, how can visitors experience art and culture in virtual space and what effects does working in virtual spaces have on artistic and aesthetic practice? What – not only technical – challenges do cultural institutions and artists face when they want to build a digital infrastructure that is as data-secure and ethically sound as possible? Which digital cultural techniques do we need? Prater Digital is an attempt and an offer for artists and visitors to try out free, data-secure and ethically justifiable possibilities to experience art and encounters in the internet in a new way. How to use the virtual rooms can be found in our FAQs. We have collected our most important learnings and this is our streaming channel.

The Prater Digital project addresses these questions in an exemplary manner and offers a platform that was developed in discourse with many experts and actors.
Various modular spaces were conceived, in which meetings, assemblies, exhibitions, performances and performances can take place. These spaces are available for use by third parties and also offer the possibility to share and expand generated knowledge.

Prater Digital is a project of the Department of Art and Culture of the District Authority of Pankow. Development proceeded in collaboration with the curator, Julian Kamphausen, and the Future of Prater Berlin advisory committee , together with Berrak Nil Boya and in cooperation with Mark Coniglio (Troikatronix) and digital.DTHG. It was accomplished with the support of the “Spiel & Objekt” (“Game & Object”) class at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Composer and coder Berrak Nil Boya Creative Direktor Prater Digital
Berrak Nil Boya is an artist, trained classical musician, and sought-after programmer whose work in recent years has included participation in Apple projects. This project sees her thinking together the worlds of art and coding from the outset. A short interview about this is available here.

Julian Kamphausen, Artistic Director of Prater Digital
As a member of the advisory committee, Julian Kamphausen has worked together with the Director of the Art and Culture Department, Tina Balla, to develop and advance the project in the spirit of the outcomes of the advisory committee’s work.

For press inquieries please contact Klaudia Kelleh

Prater >> 2021


Die kommunale Prater Galerie feiert im Jahr 2021 nach langjährigen Sanierungsarbeiten ihre Neueröffnung in der Kastanienallee 7-9. Das Kuratorinnen-Duo Sonja Hornung und Lena Johanna Reisner lädt zu einem Einblick in die leitenden Fragestellungen und Ausstellungsprojekte für das Jahr 2021 ein. Wie kann der Auftrag einer kommunalen Galerie in einem post-sozialistischen und gentrifizierten städtischen Umfeld unter Berücksichtigung ihrer Geschichte und gleichzeitiger Bezugnahme auf zentrale Fragestellungen der Gegenwart neu formuliert und realisiert werden?

Begegnung in digitalen Räumen mit Uwe Gössel und Thomas Goerge


Mitglieder des Beirats zur Zukunft des Praters treffen in den Räumen des Praters Digital Kolleg:innen und Freund:innen, mit denen zur Zeit keine physischen Begegnungen möglich sind. Das Gespräch zwischen Uwe Gössel und Thomas Goerge verknüpft inhaltliche Bezüge der Geschichte des Praters mit Blick auf die (digitale) Zukunft. Was wird der digitale Raum leisten, was der analoge Raum nicht kann und umgekehrt (technisch, inhaltlich und ästhetisch)?

Begegnung in digitalen Räumen mit Nele Hertling und Kathrin Deventer


Mitglieder des Beirats zur Zukunft des Praters treffen in den Räumen des Praters Digital Kolleg:innen und Freund:innen, mit denen zur Zeit keine physischen Begegnungen möglich sind und tauschen sich nicht nur zur Zukunft des Praters, sondern auch zur aktuellen Herausforderungen und zu kulturpolitischen und persönlichen Themen aus. Nele Hertling ist seit 2017 Direktorin der Sektion Darstellende Künste der Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Sie tauscht sich zu unserem Anlass mit Kathrin Deventer, Generalsekretärin der European Festivals Association (EFA), aus.

Prater Digital Foyer

08. – 12.12.2020

The Digital Foyer is the first room that all visitors of the Prater Digital enter. It is a room in which visitors are welcomed and can orientate themselves. From here they then enter the performance room or the gallery room. On the walls and on the tables, the programmer and artist Berrak Nil Boya has collected motifs from the Prater’s diverse history. The room is intended to reflect the concrete cultural venue of the Prater and it should also invite non-digital-affine people to exchange ideas, as workshops, readings and discussion events will also take place here.

Prater Digital was sponsored with funds from the Funding Guideline on Digital Development in Culture (“Förderrichtlinie zur digitalen Entwicklung im Kulturbereich”) of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.