Crystals are the Flashpoint of a Benthic Dream

6 pm.

Evening Conversation with Michelle-Marie Letelier

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Having grown up in the Atacama Desert, the region where the world’s largest copper mine is located, Michelle-Marie Letelier investigates the raw materials of coal, copper and saltpetre. In her work, she studies their physical characteristics, such as electrical conductivity or crystallization, and – unlike the extractive industries – she creates poetic images beyond the forms of control. Recently, she has also begun to explore salmon farming in its global contexts. Through multimedia installations, Michelle-Marie Letelier relates different time periods, regions, and communities to one another and highlights them from political-economic, historical, and cultural perspectives. Digital space offers her the opportunity to bring her work to life beyond physical boundaries in any reality we choose.

During her residency, Letelier created digital atmospheres by growing crystal formations in a virtual underwater world taken from her work “The Bone”. In doing so, she referred to its metaphorical meaning for information technology in connection with her current artistic exploration of benthic zones.

Michelle-Marie Letelier

Born in Rancagua, Chile, Michelle-Marie Letelier currently lives and works in Berlin. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at the Universidad Católica de Chile in 2000. In Berlin, she was a participant in the Gloldrausch female artist project. Letelier’s work has been exhibited internationally, including: GropiusBau (Berlin); Kunstmuseum Bonn; Stanislavsky Elecrotheater (Moscow); Screen City Biennial 2019 (Stavanger, Norway); El Museo de Los Sures (New York); Kunsthalle 3,14 (Bergen); Museum of Contemporary Arts (Santiago). Her VR and video works have been shown at international festivals: The Arctic Arts Festival (Harstad); Videonale.18 (Bonn); VRHAM! Festival (Hamburg/Online); WE ARE OCEAN (Berlin and Marseille); East Asia Contemporary Art Space (Shanghai); 5th Mercosur Biennial (Porto Alegre) and X Video and Media Arts Biennial (Santiago).

The project is funded by the exhibition fund for the municipal galleries of the Berlin districts and kindly supported by Neustart Kultur.

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