© Lena Düspohl, Emilia Schlosser

© Lena Düspohl, Emilia Schlosser

Endlichkeiten: Was vergeht? Outdoor Art Challenge during the summer vacations!

01. – 15.07.2021

Is a growing flower also a sculpture? Can you hear murmurs in the trees as a concert and play with them? How can you make time visible? To explore these questions, the artist collective wirbeide invites you to the project Endlichkeiten: was vergeht?

There will be two workshop days, followed by an 11-day challenge and a final workshop. Together we will make artistic experiments in public space with the materials we find at the moment. Can we observe time if we are attentive enough? Capture the moment and let it go again? During the challenge you will receive small tasks and inspirations every day. You can take photos, videos or sketches. After the challenge we will meet again, talk about the experience and present the ephemeral results.

You can participate in the project alone or together. If you only want to take part in the challenge (not location-related), you can also do so by entering your email address in the registration form.


July 1 & 2: Start workshop at Thälmann Park from 2-5 p.m.

July 3-14: outdoor art challenge with daily tasks

July 15 optional: final meeting, exchange and small presentation 3-6 p.m.

Participation free of charge for all people who feel like observing in public space, slowing down and adding something new to the urban space. (no previous experience necessary, any age, alone or together).

Attention: the workshop will be in German.

Registration at wirbeidekollektiv@posteo.de

More info at www.wirbeide.online/news and www.bilderbewegen.com

A project of bilderbewegen e.V. in cooperation with Prater Galerie, Kunsthaus e.V. and the Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur (Office for Further Education and Culture, Department of Art and Culture)

Supported by the Bezirkskulturfonds