© Dominique Brewig

© Dominique Brewig


Dancer with Cancer by Hendrik Quast

04. – 05.09.2021
3 p.m.

The queer performance artist Hendrik Quast, with his alter egoHendrik mit K, turns the taboo of cancer in meritocracies into thegrotesque. Inspired by conversations with those affected, hequestions common narratives about cancer. As a pantomime coach,Hendrik mit K establishes humorous and empowering forms ofexpression for experiences of illness and thus calls for aself-determined discourse.

Quast’s performance can be experienced live in the VHS Pankow aswell as in the live stream. The audience follows the dramaturgy ofa workshop session. Through the art of pantomime, new ways ofspeaking are found that mobilize the boundary between illness andhealth.

In addition to the performances, Hendrik Quast is offering apantomime course this semester for participants with visible orinvisible disabilities, the chronically ill and those interestedin pantomime with and without illness in the VHS program.

Hendrik mit K on Instagram: @dancerwithcancer

Dates: Performances of the performance “Dancer with Cancer” on 04 + 05 September 2021, both at 3 pm at the VHS Pankow and online.

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Workshop series at the VHS Pankow for participants:inside with visible or invisible disabilities, chronically ill and pantomime interested: “Performing art without words – Using mime to gain more self-knowledge.” Registration via the VHS Pankow

Credits: Idea, Concept, Performance, Text, Stage: Hendrik Quast, Costume: Christina Neuss, Music editing: Charlotte Simon (Les Trucs), Dramaturgy: Alex Hennig, Artistic collaboration: Michel Wagenschütz, Assistance realization + graphics: Christina Mäckelburg, Technology: Tobias Klette, Dramaturgical advice: Marcus Dross, Production: Lisa Gehring

“Dancer with Cancer” is a production by Hendrik Quast in co-production with Akademie Schloss Solitude, Theater Rampe, Musik der Jahrhunderte, Freie Tanz- und Theaterszene Stuttgart, PZ Produktionszentrum Tanz, VHS Stuttgart.

It was presented as part of “The Irritated City. Festival of the Arts”, Stuttgart. Funded by Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart within the framework of TANZPAKT Stuttgart, Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Senatskanzlei für Kultur und Europa, Berlin.

The revival is financed by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe. With the kind support of VHS Pankow and prater digital.