© D'Andrade

© D'Andrade


Evening Conversation with D'Andrade

6 - 7 pm

Heat Island: The wonderful heartfelt sentiment

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The artist proposes a digital poem, created inside a series of Mozilla Hub rooms. The poem incorporates sound composition, 3d design, and discussion around the healing process through digital media and virtual reality.

The digital poem features rooms, where participants can journey through mystical landscapes and sound experiences, walking through the narrative of a child who died prematurely and as part of an archive of human memories, lives in a virtual world. The young Narcissus, the name of the first character and guider, immerse the public into his world telling the story of his family members through sound-poems, taking participants on an intimate journey through childhood, adulthood, and a fictitious digital archive of a kid, relating to the story of humanity marked by the effects of climate change, forced migrations and abrupt separations.


D’Andrade is a non-binary musician*, poet* and writer* whose conceptual approach is oriented towards Afro-futurism and decolonial theory, as well as the development of investigative works, new and counter-narratives through sound design, coding, archives, and interactions. D’Andrade co-curated the interdisciplinary festival “Jardim Suspenso” in Brazil and founded the solo project “Noise Vivarium” in 2020, based on open workshops with sound experiments, decoloniality, and nature. D’Andrades works have been exhibited at international venues as well as in Berlin, including the Sophiensälen, feldfünf, nGbK, Iwalwahaus, and the AKE ARTS & BOOK FESTIVAL in Nigeria.

The exhibition is supported by the Ausstellungsfonds für die Kommunalen Galerien der Berliner Bezirke.

Ausstellungsfonds für die Kommunalen Galerien der Berliner Bezirke 2021