FAQs Prater Digital

How do I use the Prater Digital learning program?

Detailed instructions are available in different languages as a PDF:


How to build an Avatar?

The following link will take you to a page where you can create your own avatar:


On there you have two possibilities: either you upload a photo of yourself and an avatar will be created automatically, or you can create your own avatar:

You can choose from different features, for example the hair color of your avatar or a possible headdress. Once you are satisfied, click on the window in the upper right corner with the inscription “Done”. In the second oblong bar you will see a link, which you can save by clicking on the “Copy” box to the right. Your avatar is now stored in the clipboard. If you go back to the learning room of the Prater Digital and click on the box “Browse Avatars” while choosing your name and avatar, a search bar will open. Now click on the link “Avatar GLB URL” in the upper right corner of this page and then paste the URL of your self-created avatar.